"Will my PC run D3?" READ THIS Before Posting

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can my laptop
GT 540m/1gb DDR3
8gb ram

run diablo 3 in high settings??
Probably, if it is 1366x768 resolution
its 1920x1080
Then it'll struggle running it at high settings
Kalganized: ok thanks for leting me know i hope it will going buy it then il try to install it and if it dont work then I gess need a new alienware computer... but well still got wow for now.
So I'm guessing the mobile intel 4 series express chipset family wont work?
It will not.
i dont know anything but will this work for d3
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
As the guide mentioned, no.
thanks for the fast responce i am bad with computers so can u give me a link to where i can buy a better video carb that can run d3 im not lookin for something expensive just so it will run
This depends on what your computer is.

Namely, is it a slim case or fat mid-tower
What power supply does it have
Does it have a PCI-E 16x slot
id say its a fat mid tower and the other 2 can u tell me how i know what they r?
What is your computer model name?
Acer Aspire X1420G
Radeon HD 6570, Low Profile Ready version
Go to Newegg.com
thanks u have been alot of help
Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 graphics card

AMD Athlon ll 6000+

5GB of ram

I'm having trouble running my computer at just low resolution and in windowed form. I've had friends and experts alike look at my system and say theres nothing really to worry about, it will handle it with ease. But, having lag in certain spots with a lot of enemies on screen at once with mutliple attacks and abilities happening makes my frames drop from around 40-70 to 20-40 when in situations explained above. What should i replace? the motherboard and CPU?
Athlon II 6000+? AMD hasn't used that moniker for AMD CPUs since Phenom II era. Don't you mean Athlon X2 6000+?

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