Banners Locked Out After Being Unlocked

Bug Report
I had several banner designs unlocked last night and as of today they are locked out again. I assume this maybe has something to do with the achievement servers?
05/16/2012 05:42 AMPosted by Mythrandir
There is already a thread on this with some blue posts. Last one was about 10 hours ago. I would check back there for an update if they give one. Forth post in made in the last 10min related to a topic already in discussion. Please search before making redundant threads.

haven't seen those posts ... i've been looking. care to link?

+1 for people having this problem ... apparently - i shouldn't even have my current banner because none of the components are unlocked. My CE/Beta banners are unavailable as well.

EDIT: Actually, not only are my CE/Beta banners unavailable, they don't even show as locked. They are simply not there.

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