I dont understand this $&#$ - Belial Fight

Demon Hunter
So after wipping for an hour, I decided to post ...
Me and my 2 buddies have been trying to kill Belial on nightmare for over an hour. Even tried to kill him solo, there is no way I can do this ... I have a legendary bow for christ sake. Oh and FYI i'm not a total noob retard who stands in fire ... I've played alot of WoW, and Dota 2 so my micro is way over any average player ...

WTF is wrong ? Resist ? Armor ? Vita ?
My DPS is 1180, Armor 715, and 6745 Life ... I still get 3 - 4 shotted ...

I tried everything, going for entangling shots in order to have more Disables ... I mean I don't get it ...

Edit : Belial
Which second boss? I don't know if you're talking about a boss in Act 1 or a boss in Act 2.
Wait why do you have Entangling Shot for Belial?

It took me a few tries on NM because I built glass cannon so his meteors and fists 1 shot me.

My setup was Hungering Arrow + Puncturing, Impale + Overpenetration (strictly for the adds phase before him, use Chemical Burns for best dps), Caltrops (didn't use during the final phase because there was no point), Vault + Tumble, Companion + bat, Sentry + extra duration.

It was a pretty simple fight. Bat for hatred regen so I could pretty much spam Impale and it added dps since you have to move a lot, same with the sentry. Most of the time I have multishot in my build but I dropped it for that fight. Basically He always does a fist on the left side, then right-center, and then double wham in the middle. Followed by a few more fists, breath, then meteors over and over. It's all easy except the meteors. Basically just fire off Impale VERY sparingly during that period and just keep running around staying out of the AoE zones. As long as you have some quick reflexes you can use Vault, too, but I relied mostly on just running because I didn't want to accidentally Vault into another meteor location. Just rinse and repeat. It's more about running than dps.

EDIT: My dps was higher (I think like 1800-1900 at act 2, I'm in act 3 now and at 2400), but you have more health and defenses than me. Like I said, everything one shot me and I still made it through fine after maybe 5 deaths.
i beat belial nightmare a few hours ago with 2 friends (monk and wizard) and i'm obviously demon hunter.

biggest thing i had to use was vault to get to spots where there was no green circles, and when i had to take a hit (since its hard to be safe from it sometimes) i have to use shadow power and get half my health back, and have preperation ready (with 60% life rune) if its an emergency.

basically i sit there with hungering arrow and then start moving away from green circles when hes attacking, and shadow power + preperation + hp pot to heal.

try your best to revive your teammates if they die.

beat it on the 2nd try, i'd say it was one of the harder bosses, but was fun.

edit: stats during that boss if curious: dps - 1900, hp - 12000, armour - 900
Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog Rune. During his green puddle phase, make sure you start at either the far left or far right. Run to the opposite side. Once you get to opposite side pop Smoke Screen and run back to the other side. By then the phase will be ending. This will avoid pretty much all damage during that ability.

For DPS use Hungering Arrow w/ Puncturing or if you're high enough use Devouring Rune. For a spender toss on a Chemical Burn Impale for the bleed every couple seconds, and spam Rapid Fire w/ Withering Fire or Elemental Arrow w/ Frost rune or Chakram w/ Razor Disk. All 3 are effective boss killers.

Edit: Also make sure your HP is up enough to avoid dying to his breath. I think it does like 4k, but I might be mistaken.
When i did the fight on nightmare, i literally just spammed ball lightning and use smoke screen to walk out of stuff. Didn't even bother changing my spec for the fight. All you need to do is walk out of the green stuff on the floor. I stood in it and got 1 shot on my first attempt since my gear was really bad, lol.
Just done this boss a few hrs ago on my demon hunter on MH difficulty. It is the hardest boss i've seen so far. Here is my demon hunter's stats. 3.5k hp, 1955 damage, i used hungering arrow with devouring rune, impale with chemical rune, shadow power with blood moon rune, companion with bat, sentry with vigilant watcher, and rain of vengeance with dark cloud.

Once phase 2 started, I dropped sentry and used rain of vengeance right before boss engaged. I ran to dodge all green circle on the ground. If i lost hp, i pop shadow power to heal myself up, used bat to regenerate hatred. I also wiped lots of times cuz of my 300 latency.

Hope it helps
I think im lacking some armor and hp at the moment, as I stated, I cannot take 1 hit ... basically if I make 1 mistake of getting hit by a green stuff, I die, there's no "getting or hp back" // pot. I have 6800 life I get hit for 7000+, ne ways ill try it again tonight with smoke screen, almost had it with it last night.
Hardest fight i've had so far but just managed it. Playing solo in NM. I have about 6500HP and 1472 dps.

I found the things that helped the most were using Hungering Arrow (with Devouring Rune) for my main attack. and Impale (with Chemical Burn) for my burst DPS.

Vault (with Acrobatics) so it was free was useful. Shadow Power (with Blood Moon) was great when combined with Impale for fast DPS and good healing. Smoke Screen (with Lingering Fog) was probably the best thing I found. that allowed me to dodge a lot of the damage as it pretty much makes you immune.
you're getting hit 3-4 times? back to the "stay out of the fire" strat..... don't stand in big green circles.........
did it ealier with friend - also took 2 achi along the way.
rapidfire smoke screen and some generator is what yoou need. cna use shadow power for hp regen and turret / mark for extra damage

rapid fire when have hatered. vanish (yup long live wow name) when about to take arm , avoid meteors (avoiding meteor more important then dps). If you have enough dps its easy.
I find it this is the easiest boss to kill since he doesn't move at all.

Mark of Death, Drop 3x traps (click on beliel when dropping traps), kite the green circles.

Shadow power can also heal you by doing damage with traps.

Done both normal and nightmare on 1st try with my buddy using this strat.

I dont know about Hell difficulty
Downed him on NM. Just remember staying alive is more important that doing damage. Can't do damage if you're dead.
This is the most stupidest boss I've ever seen, the green crap is like 5m far from me, hits with both of its "hands" and I instant die.. ????

How the hell am I supposed to win this if one mistake equals instant death. Very stupid
This is the most stupidest boss I've ever seen, the green crap is like 5m far from me, hits with both of its "hands" and I instant die.. ????

How the hell am I supposed to win this if one mistake equals instant death. Very stupid

It's called a challenge. Blizzard didn't hand stuff away in this game unlike WoW. His mechanics are actually very straightforward once you learn them. He always hits with his right fist, then left, then both of them. When he hits with both you need to be damn far away from that circle or you will die. After he does that he will do his breath. You have to be in the very far corner to avoid it. Then the fists again. Then meteors. Just dodge the meteors the best you can using Impale sparingly during that phase - it's better to be alive than get off 1 more hit. Rinse and repeat.
This is the most stupidest boss I've ever seen, the green crap is like 5m far from me, hits with both of its "hands" and I instant die.. ????

How the hell am I supposed to win this if one mistake equals instant death. Very stupid

Don't make a mistake then. The other option is to get more gear. So far the game seems to be very much like WoW in the fact that skill > gear, and the main point of gear is to supplement a lack of skill to allow for more mistakes.

Also, make sure you aren't glass cannon, you should be getting some vitality/life items even as a demon hunter.

The age old WoW saying: "You do 0 dps if you are dead".
This boss is my favourite in the whole game, so epic, and it takes a good balance of offense and defense to down it.

Lingering fog smoke screen and battle scars preparation were very helpful. I used devouring arrow for damage. I had residual caltrops/multishot/and marked for death as my other abilities to facilitate extra damage generation and help me get through the first 2 phases. I used archery, steady aim and hot pursuit passives (my main attack was a hatred generator so I had essentially 15% increased movement speed permanently).

You have to focus most intently on dodging to beat the boss. If you can caught off guard, smoke screen immediately and reposition.

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