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lvl 50 Act 1 Hell: 4.1k dps 21k hp

Update: Still Act 1 Hell, lvl 53 6.1k dps 21k hp

Update: Redid my build and bought a new weapon and sacrificed vitality for dps... Act 2 Hell, lvl 56, 17k hp and 18k dps buffed.
Lvl 60, 20k buffed

Level 51, 13.3k DPS buffed
Level 55. 3.5k dps unbuffed. More than enough to kill quickly and allows me to gear to be able to survive pretty well in Hell :)
Lvl 36 with 1500 dps buffed
Level 53 with 1.8k dps unbuffed in act 1 hell. Having no trouble solo but damn Im behind on damage xD
Lvl 55 Act II Hell:

HP: 17k
Crit Chance: 13.5%
DPS: 5253 (buffed)

It might be an odd spec but it works for me!
60 and 16k dps with magic wep buff
38 and 3036 dps buffed.

Note I'm using Familiar with Sparkflint, Magic Weapon with Force Weapon, and Glass Cannon at the moment.

The unbuffed dps, without Glass Cannon or either of the others, is 1859dps.

Most of the damage comes from Weapon, Amulet, Rings, and Offhand that are pretty close to ideal for my level. The rest of my gear has around ideal Intelligence for level 27 or so, so lots of room for improvement there. My gloves have close to ideal Int/Increased Attack Speed % for level 32.
Level 60 11k dmg with Force Weapon Buff

Over 25k HP also.
Level 60, and 24629.08 buffed.
LVL: 40 DPS: 1775 w/buff about 1500 w/o
Play solo for the most part

Level 34, Act I NM
DPS: 715 w/spark
HP: 1.6K
crit: 6.5
Spec (atm):!aXb!aaZbaa

I don't see how a 34 is at 2k....if I switch stuff around I can get to about 900ish.
I buy stuff on AH about every 5 levels though I've noticed some prices are getting ridiculous just recently and I'm a little tired of browsing it that often.
Hopefully sellers will realize no one is going to bid 100,000K on a 2 day auction with no buy out.
Lvl 55
26k hp
magic weapon no glass cannon or sparkflint
lvl 60 Wizard
16,318 dmg - unbuffed.
21,212 dmg - Magic Weapon (Force Weapon)
23,170 dmg - Magic Weapon & Familiar (Sparkleflint)
Health - 7530

Edit: Put my HP in for people to see...
lv 60
2.4k dmg
19k life

hell diablo still rips me in half
I wish the OP would've asked for health as well. Wizards need not only DPS, but also survivability and anyone who has poked around enough will know that being one-shotted ain't fun. I am finding most of the game so far easy mode with the exception of the occassional rare mob. The AH really helps people get geared easily and quickly. Almost 100% of all my gear was bought off the AH. Not sure how I feel about that . . . plus almost all of my gear is blue with only vitality and intel. My resist levels are all in the high 90s.

I'm Level 50 right now.
3k DPS
22K Health
lvl 52
magic weapons/force weapons on
Level 60, 38k dps
Level 35, Nightmare, 1.1k with SF and MW Buff.

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