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Sad...I'm at 31 with 450 dps. I even have a really good wand...I need more +dmg and +int I can see. And that is with sparkflint + glass cannon. Btw, Archon is amazing.
Lvl 42 ~1400 damage with magic weapon
lvl 50 2306.18 dmg I don't use Magic Weapon
2.2k dps, level 40.
You guys should list your HP too so we can see how you're allocating stats. 1.2k DPS at early 30s sounds great but how much HP do you have -- like 700?
Lvl 32 - 510 with just the Weapon buff (no familiar)

Over 2.4k HP
lvl 39 2k dps w/o buff
Level 31 792 buffed. I'm on Act 4 normal and I'm blowing things away. I'd imagine anything over 1k at this point would just be laughable.

Oh, I have 4.1k HP.
How do you access the AH?
Level 47 Nightmare 3.4k buffed.
lvl 50, 4.1k w/ buff
lvl 33, 810 with weapon and sparkflint buff
05/17/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Casey
lvl 34, 2k with buff

S/S that please. I'm level 40 at 2k with buff so. I'm doing something wrong.

No, you are lvl 52 with 3k...I can reach 6k with different build, but die to easy..its better to be a litlle more tanky and just kill with patience.
normal lvl 26 278dps... i want more!
lvl 32 850 w buff and 4.5k health
WOOFLES thanx for helpin out those of us who dont know sht about this game. i appreciate it.. btw where do u get gems?
33 and I think I have like 600dps and like 2100hp
46lv 3.9k dmg buffed

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