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Lvl 40 2300 dps Buffed
Lvl 55 3.3k dps, 3.6k armor, 16k hp
lvl 44 5k dps buffed
lvl 55, dps spec 12.6k dmg, 18k life, 2.7k armor
lvl 46 1600dps buffed (only act 2 of nightmare). I know im undergeared for my level but I helped a lot of friends out in normal nightmare so i'm just going through nightmare myself now.
Level 38 - 6k Heath - 1900 dps (buffed).
Level 60 - 5k health - 38k dps
47 - 3k dps
Ok I'm level 50 so I have only 2805 DPS unbuffed atm, with 981 INT and 677 Vit. I think I'm at 3,700ish dps when I'm buffed and just started Act 1 in Hell and have no problems SO FAR.

And also what build do you guys recommend for Hell-Inferno?
And should I ditch my equips with Vit and use Energy Armor instead? How much Int should I have for level 50? 55? and 60?
05/22/2012 09:55 AMPosted by Gannikus23
are not the same thing.
I know their not the same, I meant a build for hell AND inferno obviously
60 - 24k Life, 21k Damage

5-stack farming Warden/Butcher in Inferno
Level 35, 362 DPS, 3600ish hp.

Though it is surprising to see people at my level with 6+ times the DPS rating. I didn't think the AH would make THAT big a difference.

It took me about 10 minutes game time to kill Butcher on NM. I'd imagine AH players kill him in under 2.
Level 60 21k DPS, 16k-ish HP

Butcher i did under two minutes on solo-inferno, hes actually not terribly difficult, its the damn fire floor that gets ya. Act 2 is still too hard for me as of yet, but it will be defeated.
lvl 60 with about 12k dps unbuffed and 17.3k buffed with 22-24k hp
For people who have more than 10k dps.. could you post what weapon you guys have.

Im still on the dilemma on whats better 1 hand or 2 hand.

Currently 55. 6800 DPS
20k HP
No Glass cannon
With Force weapon
lvl 52 @ 5.3k with buff
Level 60
4.7k Hp
43K Dps (will be a lot more tonight, probably in the 50's)
Glass cannon and force weapon being used.

Edit : Act 1 is on farm in Inferno, Act 2 is being worked on although I don't anticipate any walls. I should move directly into A3 today.
Lvl 60@ 8.46 dps

I will let you guess how much life I have!

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