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Level 35, 362 DPS, 3600ish hp.

Though it is surprising to see people at my level with 6+ times the DPS rating. I didn't think the AH would make THAT big a difference.

It took me about 10 minutes game time to kill Butcher on NM. I'd imagine AH players kill him in under 2.

If you look hard of enough you can find some real bargains, I have not spent over 10k gold on any item upgrade yet.
lvl 60, 14k dps (no buff)
Lvl 47 2.2k dps/3.2k dps (buff) 14k HP

:( I feel weak
lvl 60 and 20K damage (finally) aiming for 30K. add me pu12e#2329
How are people getting 30k damage...?

I have a 500 damage 1handed axe, 100-300 holy damage, 20% to damage, 130 intelligence

My gear is not amazing....but I am nowhere near that number. I only do 11k damage with glass cannon.
45, 2.4k dps with weapon buff. I'm weak. :(
level 44, 9kp hp, 2300 dps with sparkflint


Are you using sparkflint and magic weapon?

Are you rings and amulet and offhand also with +dmg?

Most people get a lot more damage by using a two hand.

+ dmg is more important than intel, because intel just modified +dmg.
i have not found a better weapon or these items. I have +damage from what I could buy from auction house. But these high damage items are very costly on ah... and I never find anything good :(
level 23 sitting at 371 dmg glass cannon spec
lv53 7.5k with buff
im level 54 with only 8k buffed. i plan to get the good gear once i reach cap.
I love pickup radius too. Its a huge quality of life investment.

Riding at 29 feet right now, can't imagine going back to 0 :o

Other than that, I like life regen, int, crit chance, crit damage.
Lv60 18500dps (with buff)
wooo level 21 at about 230...overkill lol Frost Nova+Arcane Orb
HC - Level 42 - 1.4k (No buffs as I don't have the luxury of using a slot for Force Weapon or Familar)
lv 45 , 9.5k with buff
lvl 38 with a 680 damage no buffs...gotta start using the AH

42,998 hp, all resists 180+

9722.07 dps (14,662.08 buffed)

Have not finished Hell.

im wondering how you do in act 3 and 4 hell, with resists so high and so much hp, do you still get #%@%d pretty hard by champion packs? like chains, mortars, etc.
Lvl 40.. 11.2k health.. 2k Dps with Magic Wpn buff..

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