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1.2k at 38 with buffs.
level 55 10k dps with magic weapon, no sparkflint

for the guy above, you can also put in emeralds in your weapon for crit damage if you're building around crit chance. i get more dps with a square emerald on my weapon than a square ruby.

anythin else?
31 and 613
45, 1.6k damage, 11.5k HP

I'm running with Shield and prioritizing Vitality for the most part. I could easily be over 2k if I dropped my survivability. I just don't see a point when Arcane Orb already wrecks everything, and the shield gives me a nice cushion to fall back on in sticky situations.
Level 17, 120 DPS >_<
60 - 11212.69dps with just magic weapon. Stacking Familiar, around 13k.
Level 45, 1.4k dps with 13k hp.

EDIT: 2k with buffs.
just hit 42, 1.9k with buffs almost 6k hp middle of Act 2. My HP has always been ahead of the curve where my current potions cant fill me and the next size potions arnt really dropping yet.
Level 35, 426 DPS

wow I suck. :(

I wish you could see what gear other people have on so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

+int, +damage, ruby in weapon, + attack speed, +%damage if you can get a hold of it.

High amounts of int turn even +3-6 damage on a piece of gear into pretty large dps boosts.
Level 35, 800 DPS with buffs, 4k health.
Level 56 9500 dps 17.1k hp
Level 55, 4k DPS - Double buff, tankier build

Haven't got a level 55 weapon yet. Deciding if I should buy, wait, or hope to get lucky :/
Lvl 41 with 1.2k DPS but 11k HP. 1200 Defense. I'm usually the last one standing.

Edit: 1.5k DPS with buff.
Level 56, 5k DPS with buff, 21k hp, 2100 armor
60 - 11K dps - 33k HP
28, ~400 dps
my mage is steam rolling nightmare now lol. 7.5k hp, 2.2k dps, 2.8 with magic weapon, 3.1k with that and sparkflint. lvl 40

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