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Hello fellow Witch Doctors!

Currently, I am beasting my way through hell with friends, getting our faces smashed in and loving every minute of it! I am currently level 56. Initially, I had planned to run a summon build, to ease the tention off melee (playing with a Barb and Monk). My Garg is comparible to John McClane, kicking !@# and taking names, all the while without shoes on. Unfortanatly, the same cannot be said for my Zombie dogs.

My Zombie dogs are pretty much being killed in less than 10-15 seconds from regular packs and basically implode when they do as little as look at a champion/rare/unique group. I don't intend for them to be my 'tank', just a distraction for a short while for harder packs instead of exploding in seconds, leaving me with a hefty 1 minute cooldown that just did nothing. I am currently running Zombie Handler, Jungle Fort and Leeching dogs.

Does anyone know if or how the pets scale with gear? Is survivabilty based off armour/int? I did do a quick search and couldn't find any confirmed answers, any links to a blue would be appreaciated.

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I've been wondering this myself. I think they are linked to my vitality and my dps. I just put on an extra 3k hp worth of vit gear and my pets are living a lot longer, but that could be simply my perception of it. I'd love to get some solid answers on how they scale
zombie dogs never stay alive very long and don't need to. if you are fighting large packs with longer rests between them, you will almost always get more mileage out of either mass confusion, hex, or toad of hugeness than zombie dogs. zombiedogs are more for solo/duo play where keeping the mobs at an arms length for a short period of time while you locust everything up is more valuable.

gargantuan sure is a beast, though.

also you should ditch zombie handler for another passive, as you'll often wind up re-casting gargantuan a few times during a fight anyways to get extra enrages out of him. my current trio is gruesome feast (especially amazing if you play with a barb), jungle fort (or bad medicine, depending on group size/squishiness), and pierce the veil.

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