Plague of toads is op

Witch Doctor
So i have been using soul harvest with exploding toads all the way to hell and recently just switched to plague of toads. This does alot more reliable dps and kills mobs pretty quick. All u need is a gargantuan to tank and the rest is easy.
cool, don't tell anyone ok. ;-)
I just can't listen to her go BLEAHBLEHABLHEALBHELHALHEALHVBLHLAHBLHLAHEHAH whenever she casts them. They could spit legendaries and I wouldn't use them.
Wait what? You switched from exploding toads to regular toads and you're doing more damage? The stats clearly state the fire toads do more damage and both are instant. I don't get what you're saying...
I don't see the appeal of the toads. The are inaccurate and mana taxing especially for a spammable primary and the toad of hugeness is awful. The addling toads were very disappointing as well. Maybe fire toads picks up the slack but I cant help but feel like bats would do the same thing better.
Personally I've found a lot of usefulness out of the no-mana toads. I use them with zombie bears as my right click with healing spirit walk and soul harvest, and I can just spam toads all day while waiting for mana for a zombie bear bomb benefitting from pierce the veil.

Worked in act 3 hell for me at least, it's really hysterical to watch, the scattering bodies are comparable to barbarian swings.
Spiders with the first rune (jumping) is better. Its insane the amount of damage you do with 12 to 16 of those out,

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