recording with FRAPS fixes stutter

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hey guys ...
been having some major freezing issues .. game freezes for 5 sec sometimes everytime monsters appear , I break something or listening to some lore

I tried today to record with fraps to show the ppl what kind of pain I'm facing here .
and once I pressed F8 to record , the game didn't stutter or freeze at all after that xD

I'm not expert in programing and these stuff ,, can someone know what this means ?
and maybe you can know the reason why the game freezes from the way fraps fixes everything .

thax in advance and sorry for any grammar mistakes english is my second language and I'm still learning =)
Thanks!!! this has also worked for me as well!
works for me as well! but fraps records for sometime then auto stops again how do i ensure it keeps recording? when it stops and i rec again it worked again!
Let me try and see~ hope can work!
my fraps doesnt seem stable. it auto stops aft like a min of recording. after which i have to press hotkey for it record again. my hdd has more than enough space for the movies. any help?
Think it's because you using free version?
lols this is just a temp fix. juz reminding me of how great D3 can be, before the stuttering kicks in. OH BLIZZARD, Y U NO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS?
lol nice fix, Blizzard do your job!!
Yea....I really wanna record 100s of GBs of Diablo 3 gameplay just so I can actually PLAY the game.


chose half size recording + its kinda of temporary solution till blizzard do something about it
That's freakin' weird! I'll try it on our stuttering machine tonight too.
I just tested this out and I can say it definitely makes a difference. The game runs consistently at 30fps with no choppiness, but obviously a lower framerate, so you can tell it's running slower but without stutter. Of course free version only will let you record 30sec so you have to keep restarting the recording...

Very odd that this stops the stuttering. Another person mentioned defragging helped? That's insane. Both processes are write intensive on the drive, whereas you'd think loading assets would be read intensive. In my experience write trumps read, so yes it's almost like the less HDD resource it has the better it's able to cache the data? Maybe the code thinks it can perform better than it can, so when you impose load it compensates, and bam, no more stutter?

Just brainstorming of course, would really love to see a solution.
Fixed my issues aswell. Thnx!!
My apologies for what I'm going to say but... This is retarded.

I have the issue myself, helps sometimes to do CTRL+S and disable the sound. Isn't it because Fraps dictates the frame per second as to match it with the video format? Maybe we can do something similar without recording 100gb of adventure.
It has been suggested that in some cases that it (D3) does not play well with windows superfetch, not so in my case.
Bumping this more people need to know this works :)
Works for me but come on, Blizzard should bundle Fraps with all Diablo 3 purchases I guess! Thanks a lot!
I believe Fraps caps your framerate during recording (around 30 fps). This could be part of the fix. Try lowering the Max FPS in video settings?
See my link:

Worked for me and some others. Give it a shot
This worked for me as well, so I tried capping max FPS using game options at 30, and it dropped my msecs down from 300 to 100 without using Fraps. However, I still get periodic feezes, which I didn't seem to get with Fraps... I'll be experimenting more with this tonight to see if it was low server load that made Fraps work so well via the next day using in game options frame limits.
Seems that this works though. Thanks!

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