I am having trouble surviving... Tips?

Demon Hunter
I am level 44 right now and at Belial on Nightmare mode... And I am just having no luck killing him... Like I kill everything very very quickly and make it to phase two almost instantly, but then one mistake in phase two and I am one-shotted... Like literally any mistake at all and I take 7000+ damage and die from full health...

I current have 6700 health, 1900 Damage, and have been using this build to try and kill him:

But yeah am I missing something? I have done just fine the rest of nightmare mode thus far, but now at this guy there is just no room for error it seems and even one wrong move is death...

Thanks for help!

Drop your turret, and then just run around spamming Impale.

Smoke Screen makes you invulnerable and when combined with prep you've got 12 seconds of invincibility.
Can't be arsed copypastaing...

I think its twice... at 2/3 health and 1/3 health he will stop to blast the map with aoe explosivies. If you can dodge this he is isnt much different from corrupted trees or even act 1 boss... they all have similar mechanics..

Smoke screen + tactical advantage is almost essential for this guy. You can use tumble if you want but I personally prefer that precision you get from smoke screen. Preperation could help as well.

The damage seems to be impacted at the end of the animation. This means it is not a continous pool just avoid the literal end explosion.

I died 3-4 times on normal evening figuring this out. I was way to smoked out to have figured out any pattern lol.

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