Hell Difficulty Single Target

Demon Hunter

Has roughly been the build I've been using so far with some exceptions (swapping preparation in occasionally changing entangling shot to hungering arrow in certain situations, using mortal enemy for bosses etc) and unfortunately I have just learned that I can no longer stunlock difficult mobs with impale. This puts me in the awkward position of deciding what my new single target ability is and I'm not sure what to go with.

I'm apprehensive about rapid fire because I'm sure standing still to channel an ability is going to be a serious liability in hell and beyond. I don't have grievous wounds yet and if I did my gear probably wouldn't support it enough to be useful anyway. Chemical burn could be good but I'm not sure if the dot stacks from multiple impales.

A third option would be to simply replace impale with preparation or some other utility ability and just use ball lightning as my single target and aoe ability. At 310% or even 465% in some cases on single target it might be worth it, but the ball travels quite slowly and on more mobile mobs that could be an issue.

Any feedback is appreciated

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