AH Buying error: 32105

Bug Report
Yeah supposedly my LEGENDARY armor was sold. Yet, I receive no gold, no transaction history, and it is not even in send to stash or still selling list. What is going on here? Did the servers roll back during maintenance? I expect better from Blizzard... I have never had this problem in FTP games.
Having the same problem lost 14k on a wand pretty disappointing ID: 57410063
I lost 165k gold just now iD:58142746, said the transcation failed but i lost the gold and no item anywhere
I tried to bid on an absolute bargain and lost 20K to this same problem, not going to try and do that again... Transaction ID was 599245426
You people just need to wait. It always returns, the item you purchased or your gold.
Use the auction house with caution and I would avoid using the real money auction house entirely when it opens. After much correspondece with Blizzard support I finally got what I was looking for, this is from their terms of use section 15 #ii "BLIZZARD EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY (Under ii: (ii) THAT ANY AUCTION HOUSE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE;)" Basically if the auction house errors out, times out, or has a bug/glitch, blizzard will not be held responsible for ANY re-imbursements. Saying that about gold or items in a game is one thing, but saying that about real money transactions is something entirely different. Just imagine if Paypal had such a disclaimer, they would loose all their customers overnight.

For more information about this see my bug report post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781623
Ya I have the same problem I spent 90,000 on an awesome helm and it says failed. I also lost the 90,000 so all my savings is in Diablo 3's hands. Why did DIablo steal my Helm, it is not cool.
Please fix the problem, I want the helm or the money please.

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