AH Bug: Only 0 items are allowed in stash

Bug Report
I keep getting the message, "Only 0 items are allowed in your stash. Please send items to your shared stash and try again", while I have 0 items in my stash. Please advise.
I'm having the same problem.
same here
Me too

It's so annoying!!!
also have this bug going on.. anyone get this cleared up yet? also is it worth reporting?
I have this bug as well. It happens for me in the auction house, when trying to "buyout" an item. I get the same result every time. This only occured after i had already "boughtout" one item from the auction house. Are you only allowed to have one item per char? Where can i find this shared stash? I have no items in my stash.
So many separate posts on the same issue. Still happening right now.
There are so many separate posts on the same issue because there is a complete lack of blue replies.

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