Waller Desecrator !!!

Demon Hunter
Waller mobs were kinda annoying. Desecrators were just lulz.

But WOW!

As soon as these dual-typed elite mobs appeared in Nightmare, IT GOT FUN!!!!

Being walled in and desecrated hurts o so much! I love it :D
Illusions + minion is a really annoying combo, since the minions start spamming illusions also. Invulnerable + minion is also pretty difficult. I see these combos in hell mode quite frequently
Jailer, Vortex, Molten, Arcane on Phasebeasts(can tele without ability) Act3. My worst nightmare. Took me 20min alone to kill this on hell mode.
Ran into fast Waller + Perma Immune minions Elite in Hell as the very first Elite I came upon. It was then I knew I was in for a rough ride.

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