Level 42 and Destroying W/ This Build

Demon Hunter
If you want a great soloing build that is godly for rare, elites, champions and bosses as well as to include demolishing groups of mobs like no other then go with this build. It can be done around lvl 35 also but not with the same runes of course. I would imagine that when grouping you may need some more evasive or stun abilities but for now this works great. (Note - Have not grouped with anyone yet in Nightmare on this current build, I always use companion and gain way more exp, gold, and die never while playing alone + you don't have to wait for people, +Tip I gain about 50k gold an hour too if I'm playing nonstop with this build)

This is what it looks like:

#1 - Caltrops + Torturous Ground for instant stun, slow, and lock on ALL mobs. (Note - Can be used multiple times because cost is only 6 discipline so it's great for kiting)

#2 - Companion + Bat Companion for increased hatred generation. (Note - This will become very helpful when you are using rapid fire all the time to desolate mobs)

#3 - Fan of Knives + Hail of Knives for when you get trapped in a big group of mobs to instantly destroy everything around you. Mind you it does 320% wweapon damage and slows them + the radius is 20 yards so you absolutely get everything near you. + It does not cost that much hatred and with the hatred generation you can use this every 10 seconds and 10 seconds goes by very quick so you can use it all the time.

#4 - Grenades + Tinkerer for 6 hatred generation a second mainly. I use this only for when I see a bunch of mobs or need my hatred up in a matter of seconds, other wise I'm using rapid fire and bola shot all the time.

Left Click - Rapid Fire + Web Shot for insane damage and slow everything. Right now my DPS is 1500 and I basically kill all mobs in less than a second with Steady Aim Archery and Cull the Weak activated all the time. + When you have Caltrops and they're slowed and stunned because of that you absolutely destroy. Elites and rares used to be a problem for me when I used chakrams (which I really love but right now it's just not as accurate or viable to me for groups of mobs or even single mobs for that matter compared to the accuracy and radius explosion on Bola Shot). Bosses die within under 30 seconds to a minute in Nightmare. I know the hatred cost is 20 which can be expensive if not used properly but with all the hatred generation this skill seems to be the most OP out there for the DH. I have tested all other spells and skills and nothing compares to the current set up I have right now, so I'm not really sure why I see people saying they're using Impale and Elemental Arrow and other not so good spells... maybe that's what works for them but this build is godly for me right now.

Right Click - Bola Shot + Volatile Explosives for great destruction of multiple mobs at a time and increased hate generation. I often spam this and Grenades at the same time to get hate up almost immediately and do great AOE damage. The crits on Bola Shot are also very impressive.

Passive skills are Steady Aim, Archery, and Cull the Weak. Of course for all the extra damage... It is also to be noted that I have 7k life at level 42 which seems to be enough for me right now. I've stacked all Dex, Vita, and Life Steal gear so even when I do get hit I just throw down Fan of Knives and I'm immediately back up to full health. I used to use potions a lot until I figured out how to work this class better and now I never use them and I'm in Act 3 Nightmare...

My rotation when I immediately approach enemies is Caltrops + Rapid Fire to destroy everything real quick then I destroy groups with Bola Shot + Spammed Grenades to regen hatred and then quickly back up to Rapid Fire to keep annihilating. Bat companion is out all the time for hate generation like I said if I ever get stuck I just blast Fan of Knives and everything is dead.

I hope this honest review of my DH and her current skills will help people out. If anyone has any questions please let know and I'll be happy to answer them.

Here is the link to the build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#cWYThU!Yec!ZaZZba
I will try it out as soon as the servers are back running

currently 46 and was using the ferret for extra gold, lol :3 Which weapon do you use anyway?

I've been running with the bow this whole time because dual-bows felt a lot weaker. My current weapon is 118dmg, 144 dex, 18-32 fire damage, and some other stats

Dmg = 2200
Hp = 8.6k
Right now I'm duel wielding crossbows because I happen to find some really good ones that both were 100+ dps on each and had 80+ dex and 50+ vita on each one so it happened to be better by about 400 dps than my bow + quiver. I am anxious to get back to bow + quiver though because I have a godly quiver just looking for a great bow with 140+ dps or something to beat my two current weapons.

What is ferret for extra gold?

That damage seems very viable at 46 which I hope to be at if I find that bow I'm looking for. My health is around the same. Seems like me and you are on the same page Onoes.
I heard the servers back up, so I'm going to try out your build because although mine works, it's a boring play style. I miss trapping and slowing monsters then mowing them down

Ferret gives extra gold, but I'm not sure what the % is or if it's worthwhile. I wish I knew how much the bat regens Hatred, so I could see if it's even worth using.

I still don't know which weapon is the absolute best to use. Bow, dual, or crossbow.
I can't use grenades and bola shot at the same time wth. My skill tree looks different. Yours has 2 primary slots...one of them should say archery
Spent 40k on a new bow, doing 2993.15 damage now. I think I'll stick with bow + quiver. Finally got a bow that gives me 2% of damage done as HP. Now I see why these are so expensive
Wow, nice on the damage, I def need that upgrade. Anyways what do you mean that you can't use bola and grenades at the same time? Just click both buttons at the same time because there is a quarter second in between each one in order to regen hate. The bat does 3 or 6+ hate gen I can't remember which one but it's worth it. I love trapping mobs and mowing them down like an m60 machine gun, it is so awesome. What is the ferret again? It is a skill we get as DH? Yeah I am using archery.
Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode

This will allow you to use Any ability that you have learned in your skill slots, instead of only Archery under slot 4.
I agree with you Swayzes Ghost
No defensive cooldowns meaning you are going to be absolutely destroyed in Hell. All elites are going to one shot you and you'll have no way to escape.
What figgy said. As soon as you get act 3 NM and every room is wallers or teleporters or ice, or root or stun... Smoke screen saves my !@# every single fight lol, so does battle prep...

The problem with shadow power is not the stats off the ability (they are fine) but that you cant depend on that lifedrain in panick times, this is why battle prep and smoke screen do it for me. Essentially double your discipline and with at least 4x smoke screens you are looking at 20s of no interrupted dmg and repositioning, every single fight if not more.

If they added a rune that adds like 30% attk speed for duration I might consider using. Other than that it mostly looks like a sustain ability that nobody uses because sustained health regen is not an issue with DH.

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