Login crash after update OSX to 10.7.4

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I just updated my mac osx to the lastest version (10.7.4)
then everytime I try logging in, the game will crash with error 3007

I tried restart and reinstall the game but that doesn't help.
Anyone experiencing the same problem here?
You press login and then wait for "Connecting to battle.net servers..." and then it crashes?

If so, we have the same issue here.
yes exactly like that
I thought it could be related to the OS update, but I played last night just fine with the OS patch already installed.
I'm having this same problem, everything has been working fine including last night and then today every time i try to login it crashes and gives me error 3007
Yes, we are all having this issue with Mac. I'm sure if this was a subscription game we would've had a response by now...but since its a one time payment, and they already have our money, they won't respond to us in time. Blizzard, show me I'm wrong and respond to this issue faster... otherwise you are just showing your true colors.
same here
sameeeeee no love :(
Ditto here, but I installed 10.7.4 prior to installing D3 and was able to play problem free last night. This morning on the other hand...
Same here... Thought Blizzard was way more supportive with mac community.. Why? can't we play something we payed for? And not speaking only about servers now!!
Same problem here.
I'm glad I'm not the only one, I just installed last night so I haven't been able to get on at all >.<
Someone must have turned the game off for macs, just for the weekend. Heh.

Same problem here. Please check the above link to help blizzard get this fixed for us all.

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