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Finaly i came to find my first set item. Normaly i would piss myself for happynes but it seems i cant find any use for it although its for my class...

this is a lvl 60 set item and the damage is way below what a lvl 60 item can do.. fks sake there are one handed cbs in the AH with like 900dps....... BLUE ONES.

so what am i missing? the bonus doesnt seem to magicaly boost the damage to heavens too..
no one? meh..

i remember in d2 being uber happy when i found a set item.. because more or less they were better.. be it in the complete set or even already alone.. but this.. kinde useless it seems.
Doesn't really make sense... seems like none of the legendary / set item will do more dmg then the right magic / rare... wtf blizzard.
Set or legendary doesn't mean it's uber, it just meant that item has a story/history to it.

Of course a 900++ dps with correct stats is better. D3 is all about Randomization, you never know what you get.

If you don't want it, sell it on the auction or wait for RMAH. There will be collectors who really want them, lol.
What D2 did you play? 95% of the set items in that game were pure trash. It wasn't until LoD that they introduced anything even remotely useful outside of Sigon's Set for level 10-25 characters.

Even after they "improved" sets by making tier3 set items, most of the sets were situational, at best. There were a couple items that were good for a time, but as far as weapons were concerned, not a single one of them was as good as a "Cruel <item> of Quickness" with a few sockets. That's a blue item, too.

In fact, the only set that I recall being used past level 25 for how good it actually was was Tal Rasha's set because it had so much MF on it, as well as a plethora of other semi-useful stats.

Keep in mind that every item in the game still has random properties to it. It could technically spawn with the max damage modifier. Given that it already has pure damage and dex, that'd be an amazingly good weapon.
That's just silly... why make it Orange or Green if it's more or less worthless. So what if it was in the previous game? If you're going to call something "legendary" at least make it live up to its description.
Well the set bonus is pretty good if you've got 2, but I think these are way still pretty under powered and Nat's is still better w/better set bonuses. Once you get to inferno there are a few things more important for DH's than dps/hp. Mainly discipline/hatred and discipline/hatred regen.
D2 Sets with weapons were notoriously subpar, even with LoD.
05/19/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Chaot0708
That's just silly... why make it Orange or Green if it's more or less worthless. So what if it was in the previous game? If you're going to call something "legendary" at least make it live up to its description.

I think you misunderstand the meaning of the word "Legendary".

It simply implies theres a story to it, not that its uber.
@Chaot and Krazey...

While you both have valid points, I tend to lean more towards Chaot's opinion. Legendary items should have some awesome stats. It's nice that there is a story, but seriously, the vast majority of players are playing to kick azz, not collect items with a story attached to it.
Did this get fixed with the 1.04 patch? I have no way to know since I've never had a set item drop and have only 1 legendary ring to show for my 100s of hours of play.
i have a level 68 wizard with 347 hours of play on that charactor and have never found a set or legundary item , i have my magic find up to 270 and still cant find ( she it ). i get tons of rare in certain games and other games i get all blue items . i have been in whimsyville with a buddie abut 30 to 40 times and found nothing . Now with that being said , my buddie has found several legundary items with all his charactors picking them up in all levels from normal to inferno. Never has he found a set item . He has 319 hrs of play time on his level 65 deamon hunter and 37 magic find with the highest M/F being 120 . He also has found several spell books and items to craft weapons, i have not .I sent an email to tech support and they replied with. " we are very sorry but we cant give you an answer ". So why is it that some people seem to find legends and set all the time and sme do not ? It seems to me that d3 techs know of this problem but refuse to do anything about it . You would think they would want people to find more of these items that they could craft more and auction more . since they take 15% of any auction
Another Necro'd thread on our Demon Hunter board. <facepalm>

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