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I had a problem with error 3007 for two months, (It's favorite time to disconnect on me, Right when I dropped a legendary and couldn't pick it up.)

I finally got it fixed the other day. I tried joining general chat, I tried switching over to the Europe server and back to the Americas, I re-added all the ports I needed, I constantly reset my router, I even read that someone uninstalled uTorrent and then they stopped getting 3007, I tried it all, and nothing worked. I was starting to think it was just my computer's net card going shot, but I had no problems with any other online games that I play.

I did the last thing I could think of and did a factory reset on my router, added the ports again, and everything worked just fine. I recommend a factory reset if nothing else works for you. Hope this helps!
Guys, check this out. It's work for me aswel.

-Go to start, search for Run
-Type : cmd
-In command prompt just type : ipconfig/release,
-Close command prompt then restart modem.
-After restart medem, go again in command prompt and type : ipconfig/renew.

Try to play Diablo 3. Hope this help.

I have tried this couple days ago and I never seen DC message again.


I play in EU and since the patch 2.1 I had the DC / authenticating very slow problems. Deleting the cache files worked for me, this is what I did:

Cross my legs it works for you ;)
No Brasil Mac não está rolando!!!
só da esse erro!!
Blizzard arrume esse bug!!!!! :/
I've done this and everything tech support has told me to do and still the problems persist.

I'm not even mad, I just want to play the game.

windows 8.1 here, 3007 error but most often it just totally stops allowing me to interact with the environment (i assume that means I'm disconnected).
Didn't work for me...
This thread is from 2012. I wish they auto locked after a time to prevent this sort of confusion. Old fixes rarely work on newer game, OS, and drivers versions.

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