To inferno monk tanks

I solo elites, but I use a cheap method. I kite them to an entrance to another level. I go out then enter with sweeping wind then immediately hit MoH with Boon then hit serenity, wail on the mobs for about 4 seconds then leave. Rinse and repeat. I've wiped about 8 elite mobs that way but yeah I think its impossible to tank and spank em, unless you get really lucky and the attributes the elites have stink which happend to me like just once. Bosses and whites are no problems whatsoever so far.

BTW is +50 dex and vit really enough? I was under the assumption that since I've hit 60 that I should look for 100+ for each per gear.
Theres a reason Inferno was added in after be as impossibly hard as it can be.....its not meant for every single person who beats Hell to be able to tackle it....its only for Elites that have Elite gear and just because an item is Yellow doesnt mean its good....Just started Inferno through act 2 I solo'd so far...45k hp 11K dps (use fire ally) he tanks alot, 234 resis all and a few items with extra dmg reduc % from melee and ranged mobs... I have all elite gear that sells for very high gold on auctions which I have all found (cept a few pieces). So if your having probs search for some gear on can find really great stuff for low prices cause some ppl dont know what its worth still.


extra note : Find all gear that has 50+ Dex 50+ Vita (or sockets for vita and dex)

Act 1 inferno shouldn't even be on the same difficulty as act 2. Let me know how act 2 goes for you.
Inferno is murder, for any and every class. Nobody has it easy there. That said, I do feel that a melee needs to be looked at in general. As it currently stands, there are just too many possible elite combinations which are unkillable for a melee while there are far fewer that effect ranged classes. Personally I think Blizz needs to increase the pool of possible effects that elites can spawn with giving them a larger number of effects which make ranged dps more difficult. This would serve to lower the possibility of unkillable spawns due to an increased pool of effects while removing some of the current ranged bias in the system.
Monk > Blinding Flash > Breath of Heaven > Serenity > Mantra of Evasion.

Pick primary and secondary abilities for knockback or dodge.

I usually pick my runes for extra evasion or healing.

As of writing this I am in Act IV on Hell Difficulty.

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