2 Hand vs 1 Hand

Demon Hunter
Guys I just want to know the pro's and cons as a demon hunter. My friend is telling me that if I get 2x1H cross bows with high specs dmg will stack is that true? I have one 2H bow with 117 dexterity and 119 vitality. His demon hunter has 1400k dmg mine only does 800. But I have 9k hp and he only has 3k hp. I would like to know which is more beneficial in having to get a high dmg.
i experimented with that a bit while leveling, it was actually more damage(according to my character screen) to have a 1 hander with a quiver, instead of 2 1 handers. i dont know if that is correct or not. im now level 60 with 40k damage and 25k hp. but i prefer bows over 2 hand crossbows because of the fact that you get 15% more damage. and definately, for the lower levels, vitality is important, in inferno its really not all that good past act 1, things one shot you no matter what so it doesnt matter how much hp you have.
the problem is that besides a 2h xbow, both range weapon have huge dmg gap which can in the end do less dmg.
2h crossbow makes bat companion a lot more powerful. With slower weapons each point of hatred you spend does more damage. You also get less hatred because you can not use generators as often, but the bat doesn't care about that.

Using the bat with dual wielding is counter-productive in my opinion.
What is the DPS difference between the weapons? Sounds like your friend is running like 2 90DPS 1h weapons and your weapon is like 60DPS?

Two 1H xbows will get ~5% attack speed bonus over a bow + quiver. So they are about equal in terms of potential. You have to gear and skill up to support your setup.

Not sure yet how it works in game, but i've read socketing two 1h xbows with rubbies gives a larger benefit than you would think. Maybe some of their other modifiers affect both bows... Could be a cheap way to boost DPS early-mid game.

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