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How much (numerically) elemental resistance do you need in each difficulty to make it through/make a difference? :)
anyone have any idea? :D
05/20/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Ecliptic

un answerable

variables include
how much life you have to soak

armor mitigation%
(I hope you realize all of those effect elemental damage as well)

so if you are dying to elements in < 2 shots, then you might need more

as an Int stacking class, you could ask the very the same thing about Dodge/armor...
normal and nightmare dont really matter. I run around with about 300 in hell with 34k hps, and do fairly well on my monk for now... inferno doesnt seem to matter since if you run across the wrong combo of mobs your going to die anyways, but 300 is enough for act one there as well.

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