Ranged Monk Build

Hey guys,

The better part of the way through hell and was feeling saucy, so I decided to say, "Hey! Could this guy be a ranged class? They made a melee wizard in that one video, so this must be possible."

I tried it in the Hell Act 3 breach dungeon and on Ghom, link to build below.


As you cannot generate spirit from range except with the 3rd hit from runed W100Fists, the build is made to use as little spirit as possible. Companion (or barb friend) and eternal ally tank, while the monk sits back and fires away. Lashing Kick runed w/flame kick for knocking enemies back and for doing burst damage. 2 defensive/heals CDs for mess-ups. Mantra and passives aimed towards passive spirit gen and for greater kiting.

To be clear, this is not a serious build. I was slightly bored, and made it because why not. Also, molten mobs are annoying.

Anyways, heading to bed, will check this thread in the morning.

I'd go with the hand of ytar rune on lashing tail kick
Why are you not using Deadly Reach? I ranged monk, in my view, should be all about Deadly Reach, cc and mass kite.

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