Is there really NO loot table at all?!??!?!!?

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Just got done killing Ghom on Nightmare difficulty. When I went through on normal, every end act boss and mid act boss dropped yellows. I HAVE NOT seen one single yellow drop off of any boss at all on Nightmare, and very rarely do they drop off of elite mobs. About 75% of the yellows I have gotten, (which most of those were complete CRAP for a Demon Hunter) have dropped off of plain ordinary trash mobs. What is going on here? Did you guys forget to install some kind of code in the game telling the bosses to drop some decent loot? I understand the whole random loot thing and thats fine. But this is beyond ridiculous.
The first time you kill a boss, they are guaranteed to drop a yellow.

After that, your magic find comes into play to see what items you get.

Also, welcome to Diablo.
Its been said before but we believe this is an intentional mechanic.. consider you can skip straight to most of the bosses with little to no fighting or playtime invested "ie diablo" what sense would it make to just camp him over and over for rares in under 2 minutes playtime
This is my first go through on Nightmare...... If it wasn't I wouldn't have posted this.
Yep, it only applies to the first time you've ran through normal.. after that you're lucky if you get a rare from the boss I have had it happen, but I think it was one drop on one boss in entire nightmare mode.
It sucks, but then when you get 60 and get 5 stacks of the Nephalem buff every boss will drop 2-4 rares and 6-7 blues.

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