One With Everything - the best skill

am I the only who considers monks without OWE as trolls?
After nightmare, its kind of mendatory if you want to kill any molten, arcane packs without kiting.

Unless you stack all resist instead of a particular resist with OWE
ACT III infero. I don't use it.
Well to get the 600+ resist numbers you need gear that looks like this:

+X One Element Resist
+Y All Resistances
XXXX other mods

You stack the "one element" (e.g. arcane, in my case) along with all resists so OWE lets you reach 60%+ damage reduction for good times and less death.
would you enlighten us how you can go through inferno without it? its completely impossible for me to kill champion packs without defensive abilities/resistances
05/22/2012 08:23 AMPosted by Jurisprudenc
ACT III infero. I don't use it.
how you survive D: high dps?
I dunno, I have like 250 resist. These big resist numbers confuse me. Don't stand in elemental attacks?

By all means... I'd love to have a ton of resist. My resist are basically the same across the board, not gonna run the passive to bring them up 15 points.

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