Any good graphic novels?

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Just read the last Northlanders trade, currently reading the latest DMZ, which is about to end. Picked up The Other Side and really enjoyed it. Thinking of picking up The 'Nam and Bayou.

What other good stuff is worth checking out?
You might find Maus interesting. It is about the writer's father and his experiences in Germany during World War 2. The Jewish people are depicted as mice, and the National Socialists (I believe the more well known name isn't allowed in these forums) as cats.
I read Maus a few years ago and I absolutely loved it. Very heartbreaking.
If you're a fan of The Dark Tower series, the graphic novel prequels are fan-effing-tastic. They start with Wizard and Glass. The art is deliciously creepy and perfect and the background they add are amazing. Even though I ultimately knew how they would end, I still found myself heartbroken.

Our local comic book shop got my husband addicted to Mark Millar. Wanted (nothing like the movie), Kick A$$ (movie was somewhat like this), Nemesis (my husband's personal favorite), Superior, and some others that I can't recall. Extremely dark, extremely violent, and in most cases, the villians win.
I've read some of the graphic novels that were mentioned in this thread. They were all good!

I always thought Green Lantern was pretty lame until I read, Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps. I never new how cool Green Lanterns were. It was actually a great story. I continued to buy and read the entire story saga. Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns, Green Lantern: Agent Orange, and Green Lantern: Blackest Night. I just stuck with the main story arcs, none of the cross-over stuff. It was a really awesome story which featured a lot of DC characters outside of the Green Lantern comics. It wasn't cheezy and it was pretty much like an epic galactic war story.

My favorite graphic novel saga is the, X-Men: Messiah Complex, X-Men: Messiah Wars, X-Men: Second Coming and X-Men: Revelations. It was really just a great time travel story with biblical themes of prophecy. Plus, it featured X-Men characters! Great stuff.

Batman: Hush is another favorite. Awesome artwork with a story that involves many of Batman's villains, with many twists.

If you want to read a good little story with the Avengers, try Civil War and Secret Invasion. Both are great stories which feature hundreds of Marvel characters fighting each other or working together. Pretty epic stuff.
Batman: Hush is another favorite. Awesome artwork with a story that involves many of Batman's villains, with many twists.


Also, I recommend Truth Serum by Jon Adams. Hilarious mock-up of superhero culture.
I recommend Vampire Hunter D. :)
Fables is my go-to comic at the moment, and the spin-off Fairest is also good. Since the start it's consistently had a great story and awesome art, and I just love the characters.

I've also read a bit of both Swamp-Thing and Animal Man in the new 52, I'll have to pick up their graphic novels when they come out.
Tower of God is absolutely amazing.
The Sandman, Niel Gaiman, DC Comics. Quite imaginative, and by Gaiman. Come on. Gaiman. He's such a wonderful storyteller, though he tells simple stories

If you wan't something a bit more contemporary there is always Persepolis.
Locke & Key - written by Stephen King's son
Hellblazer - This is the series about John Constantine, completely badass (the movie Constantine was a very very very poor take on this great series)
Saga - Image just released the first volume to the trade of the most critically acclaimed comics this year.
Sandman - Neil Gaiman's masterpiece, should be required reading for any serious comics reader.
Unwritten - very imaginative modern fantasy...many literary easter eggs
The Invisibles by Grant Morrison is my favorite, kind of a psychedelic conspiracy theory occult tilt a whirl ride if you will...
My favorite is The Compleat Moonshadow by: John Marc DeMatteis and Jon J Muth. It is a compilation so it costs a little more than your average Sandman.

If you are sick and twisted :D try Squee (not sure how to spell the last name Vasques?)
yay squee, lol, don't forget JTHM
SAGA trade #1 just came out I believe. Written by Brian K. Vaughn. I recommend checking that out.
Y The Last Man

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