Frenzy Barb? Barbs are gimp?

I play hardcore, and my first character was a Wizard that died due to a known crash problem. I decided to roll a Barbarian kind of like my epic Frenzy Barb hardcore Diablo 2 days. However, I've noticed a few problems already. Almost all of the Barbs skills give some form of life return. It doesn't seem to really matter though. Revenge is up, and away the biggest boost to life back. The other skills need to be WAY more potent to be useful it seems. 3% leech on all attacks doesn't seem to even amount to anything right now. I've tinkered with the other abilities as well, and they all seem like crap. Frenzys 5 charge timer is WAY too short. You can barely keep it up just transferring to another pack of monsters. It's a joke. Is there any way to make this work? Suggestions?
Dual wield and you will build stacks so fast it doesn't matter. There are plenty of other great skills. Seismic smash (runed for damage/knockback) or hammer (shockwave rune or smash for single target dps) are great.
The most popular form of life regen is usully from Revenge, against packs of mobs hitting your barb, it's almost spammable and restores a decent amount (does a % based of your damage, and it's an aoe). I doubt anyone really uses frenzy for life restoration, it's just there as a usable single target dps fury generator.

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