Service Issues: NVIDIA 9400M/9600 GT – May 22

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This is great news. After Act 1 I stopped to do some forum reading to see if anyone else was having issues with the 9400M, glad I'm not the only one. I might hold off on the rest of Act II so I can have an improved experience.

Thanks for paying attention to the community Blizz.
Wow I am so happy to hear that there will be a fix for this. I was actually so close to buying a new laptop (which isn't a bad idea anyway, but hooray for saving $$$). Thanks Bliz
Anyone can comment on the type of performance I should expect with a 9600 GT 2008 macbook pro w/ 4gb of ram?

I feel like I'm getting a lot of heating, drastic fps issues after about 45 minutes of gameplay. Anyone else having similar performance or is this possibly hardware?
so it will die of neglect? =D
best news ever! This is a step in the right direction, although id have to change my pants if there was an ETA,
How would I go about improving a late 2008 MacBook that runs a 9400M but does not have the option in the energy saver preference to increase performance at the risk of battery life?
My fingers are crossed that they haven't overlooked the 8600M GT! I feel like this card is so old that the devs probably won't waste resources on checking up on it even though it's listed. A lot more people play on the 9400M so I wouldn't be upset or surprised, but still, I'm really hopeful whatever they do for the 9400M will spill over and affect all older cards such as the 8600M GT


1+ I'm on a 8600M GT
i have the same problem, i have no option in the energy saver for that
05/22/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Razor2510
How would I go about improving a late 2008 MacBook that runs a 9400M but does not have the option in the energy saver preference to increase performance at the risk of battery life?

Ya mine doesn't have this either.
Now I get to stare at my computer waiting for this update to arrive. Screw my finals, I wanna play this game.
How about for the Mid 2010 Macbook Pro 13" with Nvidia Geforce 320m? Will these troubleshooting instructions work for that?
Well i certainly hope your fix does not include dumbing down the graphics just for systems that are out or date, over priced and hold only a 10 percent entire market share.

Its just that how do you improve video performance on low end macs without sacrificing graphics quality. I know as a PC guy with a actual gaming computer, I would be very upset to see my quality lowered just for them.

My 2 cents.

Since by many reports the graphics are just fine running XP/ME/WIN7/WIN8 using bootcamp on these cards I think you have nothing to fear since the referenced optimisations refer to the MAC client as far as I can tell.
So what is the ETA on this update? This weekend perhaps? I'm just asking cause the games been out for a week now, and I am still stuck at Act II with a low level character. So I guess the real question is when will I see Act III?
Thank you Blizzard! More specifically, thank you to those who have dealt with our anger on this forums and to the Mac team for doing the hard work to fix this!

I too am very excited to see "significant improvements." 25-30+ FPS (all zones) in native resolution with settings low/off is what I hope for. I can't bear playing much longer at 800x600 in a tiny window.
I have the 9400m and this is GREAT news! I have been a fan since the original Diablo and was getting worried I wouldn't be able to play. I don't even mind playing on low setting it's just the FR that's the real issue. Thanks a lot for listening :-)
nerds everywhere rejoice
05/22/2012 05:30 PMPosted by Asherion
We've been closely monitoring community feedback since the launch of Diablo III. The top issue for our Mac players is performance,

wow... really? youve brrn monitoring feedback.... and thats at the top??? come ONNNNNNN

Considering we can't even PLAY the game yeah, it's kind of a priority :-/

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