soultion to all the complains (inferno etc)

Items and Crafting
As we all know monks, DH, Wizard got the nerfs so they can no longer rely on a solo skill to pass inferno. I personally play a DH and i admit i have chained smoke screen to beat act 4 inferno. Personally i am not against the whole nerf, but its just the classes needs more work on and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Inferno tier items should have set/legendary items which are based on the armor and dps.

looking at the list of set/legendaries now the base dps and armor are more or less likely based on the items from hell even the lvl 60 weapons. As we know in inferno as the acts progresses the base armor and dps of the base items are significantly eg. act 1 200 dps act 2 300 --> act 4 400-500 dps. so new legendaries based on the tier item states + their unqiue mods should be made.

As no class can easily go through inferno now without being overkilled or oneshoted, it makes the itemization really important for all. However atm the strongest of all items are inferno act 4 tiers blue/rares with a good roll which are still not good enough. If possible new legendaries and set should be created for just inferno items. that way it would motivate people to keep farming for these items in and also would keep the players interested.
and sorry for my bad english
and just to add a point all these people saying "the best" rolled legendaries would be better then tier act 4 is compelety wrong....
the best rolled legendaries looking at the list are 300-400 dps off of the blue and rares in act 4 and the armors also. no matter what the unqiue mod is for the best rolled 90% of them would be not used

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