Rollback glitch?

Bug Report
I'm not sure how to describe this properly or where exactly the issue is...

Issue 1: When I'm moving around on my characters in D3, sometimes the character will "teleport" back to where it was a few seconds ago. This happens quite often and isn't too problematic (a bit annoying) since it hasn't caused any deaths. However, the same thing happens to my chats. Sometimes, a message I typed up will be sent and show up for a few seconds...then disappear. This makes for a rather disjointed conversation for the other person since they only see some of my replies.

Issue 2: I also experienced a rather large rollback (in terms of time) in which my character leveled up to 6 and had completed certain quests. I logged off of that character in time, it was only level 4 and the quests I had completed had been undone. Since then, I have not experienced any level losses but I do not know if I lost an experience because I have not been keeping meticulous track.

I am not sure if Issues 1 and 2 are connected...Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? I don't experience lag at all so I don't think my computer or internet speed could be the culprit...
Once I was playing with a friend, we both got disconnected, came back, and had lost about a quarter a level (we knew because we had both just leveled up)

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