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Bug Report
I was playing last night with a friend-- Act I on Hell. Only two of us, he was party leader.

At some point I was continuously getting the message "You have been removed from the game." Immediately after I get kicked to the character screen, but I am unable to rejoin any games. Within ten seconds I immediately get Errors 3005/3007 back to back. If I tried to logout before it booted me offline, Diablo would crash completely and I would have to reload. Continuously happened all night.. and I played until servers went down.

Just started playing again solo, and it happened. Same error. I'm playing a Wizard and I'm not sure what's causing this. I'll list my skills just to cover everything.

Magic Missile: Seeker
Blizzard: Frozen Solid
Teleport: Fracture
Hydra: Venom Hydra
Diamond Skin: Crystal Shell
Magic Weapon: Venom
Passives: Glass Cannon/Cold Blooded/Illusionist

My internet was consistently on and not having any latency spikes. I was on Skype with no issues.

Is this happening to anyone else? I kind of chopped it up to the servers being weird before reset but it's still happening. =/

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