Paying 40k for First Act 3 Waypoint (Inferno)

Demon Hunter
Just want to start the act. Can anyone help me out?
I'll do it for free.
Added you, Many thanks :)
Same as Sketch... I'll be happy to pay too.. Added you too!
You're in DH forum brah. We got you.
Oh send a request again, I got 3 random ones just now and removed them all.
Wow, I would have totally paid, but if someone can do it for free, I'd be your friend for life
I've got act 1-4 Inferno so if you want it let me know.
Can anyone add me for an A3 waypoint as well? I will forever love/appreciate you and thanks in advance! ^____________^

yeah, if someone could add me for act 3, Fong#6959, I'd be mighty appreciative
If you can't make the beginning, you won't make it afterwards. just saying.

You are ALWAYS one hit, you need to pay attention all the time.

started yesterday with act 3 , crazy but its worth it.

Also one of the biggest challenge I ever had in a video game (inb4 twins of sunwell)
I would very much be interested in grabbing an act3 waypoint as well :)
One of the many stuck on belial heh heh >.<;; (Solo'd my way though Act1/2 but just can't get belial down..damn them snakes!!)

Bloodytrailz#1663 if you wouldn't mind :-) Will be around for the better part of most the day tommorow.

I would like one too :D I don't have gold but ill love u a lot

I would also be very glad with that =D
Whoever wants to give me this help, I'll be paying.
Would also like one as im stuck on Belial like everyone else. Will pay!

Does this actully work if you change quest, join a diff game on a diff quest afterwards?
Wait, we're doing waypoints now for free? I always wanted the first waypoint of Act III... used to be my farming spot way back in Hell. I've been stuck in Act II for like forever..

Add me up: jhnkvn#6524 (as for compensation, you can opt to get my 20k gold if you want)
You can start any quest at any point using the public game trick.. Open a Hell game on the quest you want, leave, click public game, join, leave, open your solo game and tada it's at the Inferno quest you picked for Hell.

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