AH Movement Speed Filter Bug

Bug Report
The movement speed filter for boots in the Auction House uses decimal values instead of integer values. Unfortunately, you can only enter 2 characters into the value field, and the percent is in 2 digit values. The decimal point takes up 1 of those characters, so I can only search in increments of 10%.

Example: You want to look for movement speed of 10% and higher, you type in '.1'. But now, you want to search for 11% and higher, you can't do it because you can only type in '.1' and can't put the other '1' to allow it to search for 11%.

Please change the field type to integer so it correlates with the other search filters and resolves this search issue. Example: You are looking for 10% or higher, so you type in '10'. And for 11%, you type in '11'.

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