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I was just trying to buy a new weapon and kept getting errors, i logged out and then back in again and noticed i had actually been given all 4...and i had no money left. Very Frustrating, imagine if this happened on the Real Currency AH. Anyway of getting my money back?

Item i want to keep is Feud Vessel, It also gave me a "Rift saw" and a "The Glitter". Money back please and take the items back. They're still sitting in the auction house, havent touched em.
yeah, im pretty sure its 30 days warranty so u can get the
Also got the same problem. Kept saying auction has timed out (error 32308) or auction is unavailable. Just spent 700k on 5 pairs of bracers because I kept trying to buy another one. Would really like a refund on 4 of them that are still laying in my AH.


Same problem here. Does blizzard read these topics?
We will bump until they do
Yep same here, lost 100k buying belts, i still dont have them though but yeah they will probably be there soon.

Had another problem today as well when one of my items sold, i was actually browsing the AH and it said it was sold. I went to completed and nothing, not even a sold info. Logged out and in, and still no info. After 10 mins it came there, saying it was sold, but no gold. After 3h i see the gold has arrived.

Whats up with this. I've never had any problems with AH, and suddenly today, it all goes chaotic.
Still no fix, and it just happened again.
Samething happend to me so i just put the Items up for what i baught them for. Only in one case was i given a refund because someone baught the Item the same time i did. But the items that said transaction timed out i got the item and they took the gold. So i hope they sell sometime soon.
it happened again on me !!!! and there are more problems in action house. When are you going to fix them?

What are you talking about? You've provided absolutely nothing with which anyone can help you. You're posting in a thread last posted in 8 months ago.

Please start a new thread of your own. In it, describe as completely as possible what the problem is that you're having. If there's an error message, tell us what it says exactly. Also tell us what steps you've tried so far to fix it.
oh , i 'm sorry. coz half hour ago. an error came out. and the error number is 32308. and right now i check the acting house again i got the item. and there is one more error. error31041

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