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Logged back in after 8 hrs of down time and when i got in to the game half of my equiped gear was gone and all my inventory stash and gold are gone??????

Wth....bull crap game
Sounds like you were hacked. Open an ingame support ticket or call customer service (not sure if they are open today) as soon as possible.
It's not a hack, something Blizzard patched or changed is causing mass deletions of gold/inventories sometime in the last 48 hours.
i lost my gold this morning, wasint hacked. hard to tell what happend.
I agree that it's probably some kind of bug. The same thing happened to me but the difference is. Only the gear and crafting stuff from my stash and my gold disappeared. All the rare gear on my character were still there and fine. So I agree that it's a bug or something. I'm sure there is people out there getting hacked but I also think Blizzard has some bugs with the auction house. Because that was the last thing I did before logging off. I tried buying something on the auction, got an error and gave up. Logged out. Logged in the next day and bam, !@#$ was gone. Blizzard needs to get their %^-* together. Seriously.
This happened tp me 4 days ago. Everything gone after a one hour log out. Support ticket has gone unanswered for four days now....
So, im just supposed to continue like nothing happend and try to get my 2mill gold and bow back ...maybe ill punch the inferno guys w/my fistt...haha..since i have no gold or weapon
same !@#$ pisssed
logged in the am. Nothing. No gear, gold. account bound items still there. Only one toon. Other toon is fine. wth?
Same here. I'm all for giving game companies the benefit of the doubt. I shrugged off the install and server issues to this point since launches can be problematic. I'm cool with requiring an internet connection. However loosing people's gear in a game that is practically solely based on said gear is basically unacceptable. That's like a bank just up and loosing your money. Upset about this one. Come on Blizzard lets get it together here. If this game is going to be online we have to at least trust our data will be safe.
People are running brute force attacks to gain access to accounts. Change password and add authenticator to your account.
I have the same problem. Adding an authenticator as we speak just in case, but I am currently missing almost everything, and I have only 44 gold left. Also, I opened a ticket, which will likely go unanswered for a long time.
I am having the same problem. I was levelling my Demon hunter all day. Only his equipment is gone, my stash is empty, my gold is gone. But my higher level chars are fine. I put in a ticket about 4 hours ago but have not gotten a response.
Mine seemed to occur right after creating a new Hero -- my previous higher lev Hero lost all gold, stash, and gear. Anyone else notice this correlation?
!@#$, blizzard is %^-*ing with my soul like this. all my gear and my items, except for the gems vanished.
Just went to log on. Everything is gone. All my gold, gems, blacksmithing stuff, EVERYTHING except for a rainbow bottle.
This has happened twice with my Demon Hunter now. I waited to buy and play to avoid bugs like this. Get it together Blizzard and get us some answers. This is unacceptable. I smell a class action lawsuit coming if this isn't fixed, you know how lawyers are. They get a huge payday, we the gamer's get a few dollars, free month of WOW or something to settle.
Lost all my gear and items from stash along with all my gold yesterday figured I had been hacked still waiting for blizzard to restore my character been almost 24 hours no updates from them. I checked my recently played with list after i logged in and there were to people that i had apparently played with even though i hadn't joined any games in almost 24 hours. I think maybe some sort of security problem with the patch that blizzard is not mentioning. Played lots of online games and have had lots of online accounts never been hacked before or had any security concerns until now. Way to blow it blizzard.
Sad Face. 'Nuff said.
Posting up a video for exactly what happened so you guys can see what's going on.

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