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I agree. I don't think I was hacked or anything. I think my data was just lost somehow.
Gonna have to eat humble pie here. Somehow my account got compromised so it couldn't have been Blizzard. I suddenly have an achievement for joining a multiplayer game and have two people in my recent friends list but I've never joined a game or made one of mine public. Baffled as to how that would happen. I must have visited the wrong website but I didn't go anywhere that is related to diablo except,,,, and Add in,, and and that is about the extent of my browsing habits since diablo 3 was released.
Same here, log in after not playing for a day or so and the character I last used has no gear and all my gold is gone. All the other characters have their gear.
First my demon huntress and now to my barbarian this $hit is fu@ked. All of the sudden it seems that maybe i should have stopped at the first playthrough since my loots will just disappear randomly. ahhhhhhfu@kahhhh
I have the same issue.
It happened on the last character I played, a non-hardcore. They lost their equipped gear and inventory, as well as shared gold and stash.
My other characters still have gear.
My hardcore characters still have gear, gold and stash.
Definitely a bug and not a hacker.

I submitted a ticket and they replied with the generic account security stuff and a rollback offer.
considering we can only ever get 2 rollbacks per account and this is not my account having been compromised but a bug on their side, it's unacceptable.

Waiting for further reply from CS.

I linked this thread to them too.
Update: Apparently my account has been compromised.
In WoW.
In November.
At a time when I wasn't subscribed and the credit card linked to my Bnet account was expired.
I don't get it.
you got phished.

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