Boss Loot disappears upon connection errors

Bug Report
I just reached spider hell, and fought Queen Arachnea. Expecting a tough fight, I nuke the ugly beast down in no time at all. Right as the loot spews from her, I get a connection issue and get sent back to my character select screen. "No big deal, I'll just jump back in and get my stuff." I thought, expecting the loot to still be on the ground. I get back in on my character, and see some grey items I dropped prior to the fight. Feeling relieved, I go in and look for my loot.

...where did it go?

The loot disappeared. I don't really care if I get the loot now, but please fix this. Boss loot is very worthwhile, and while I'm not uptight about losing ONE boss' loot, I'm sure it's a pain in the rear for everyone else when it happens to them too.

On a side note; is there a way I can fight the queen again? I want to get SOME loot lol.

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