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Witch Doctor
I'm currently level 38 and working my way through Act II of Nitemare mode, but I have found that I had almost NO trouble with anything in Normal difficulty and besides having a bit of a surviveability problem in NM mode, most things go down very quickly, including elites.

Apparently, not a lot of people like zombie dogs, but this is the current build I use which revolves around them.


Basically, I have my left mouse click button skilless and use a normal attack as a default with zombie dogs constantly cycling out. I had circle of life as my third passive before, but switched it out so that I could have a bit defense in tense situations.

A normal fight looks like this:

Grasp of the dead--->run in and soul harvest--->run out and acid cloud


Grasp of the dead--->run in and soul harvest--->stab away


Soul harvest (offensively or defensively)--->Summon Zombie Dogs--->Sacrifice revolver.

Since I'm not using a lot of mana in this build, pierce the veil coupled with soul harvest and with gruesome feast on the side does a ridiculous amount of damage. When the zombie dogs are sacrificed, the final gift leaves orbs for a damage bonus that stacks up to 5x for +50% int bonus.

My DPS while buffed is well over 1.2k and poking away at enemies with normal attacks does about 700 pin-point damage on average with the zombie dogs doing over 2ks.
WD will #**% normal mode obviously if you played NM already.
The weakness of WD is not so much his DPS but his survability, finding the balance between theses 2 elements is the key IMO.
I'm level 33 and I have a *completely* different build, but have the same feeling.

Witch doctor is extremely powerful. I'm gearing for intelligence > other stats.

Soul Harvest + Gruesome Feast = 1100 intelligence. Then 1 locust swarm... GG.

Ticking for 150, critting for 200+, per second, and it just keeps spreading and spreading.

If the cow level existed, as it did in D2, you would only have to cast this once to clear the entire level.

I can not stress how powerful locust swarm is against groups of enemies.

For single target I go with the spiders. With fast attack speed, you can stack some 40+ spiders all hitting for ~80-100 after soul harvest + feast.

For survivability, I'm using +hp on hit, and every spider gives me that HP every time it attacks. Also, the soul walk thinger majiggy.
Actually, most elites aren't even difficult since they die in a matter of seconds EXCEPT for the ones that trap you like for example: Jailer/Desecrate or Ice/Molten.

I've only had to switch my build out once in nitemare so far and that was to fight the Butcher, instead of acid cloud and grasp of the dead, I used Big Bad Voodoo and Spirit Barrage.

Stood in the voodoo runed for mana after soul harvesting (for damage and healing) and spirit barraged away in between zombie dog revolving.

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