Dual wield 1h vs 2h

I haven't gotten very far so far - only level 18 or so, but I'm not understanding the point of 2H weapons. They're insanely slow and their damage does not appear to be anywhere near a decent set of 2H. And yet I'm finding numerous 2H barb only weapons - some yellow - all over the place. What's the benefit of 2H weapons, if anything?
You get a much higher attack damage (at the cost of attack rate) and since your spells work of %weapon damage, they hit for much, much more. On the otherhand, slow attacking means less fury regeneration, so less spells.
From what I can see is if you find a 2h that damage is better than the average of your 2-1h's and stats are better than the combined stats on the 2-1h's then you should use the 2h. Other wise sword and board or dual wield is better.
Well in a single swing application, two handers bring the heat but I do see your point. Over the course of a boss fight it probably makes since to stick with whatever does the most sustained damage.

I lose about 50dps when switching to either 1h+shield or 2h set up from my current setup of 2 daggers.
I am going to try a "reaver" type build that uses a 1h and shield and does primarily DoT/AoE damage.

Thinking Rend, Stun stomp, Whirlwind, and charge maybe. Still debating!
They both also benefit from different skill sets. For example the skill "furious charge" would work better with a two hander because the max damage would be higher due to the higher damage cap on the weapon, but an ability like "frenzy" with a stun rune would work better with two one handers because of the higher amount of attacks I.E. allowing the chance on hit effects to go off more often.

Sorry for the run-on sentance.
I find a 1h and a shield , leap +cleave Whirlwind shout and revenge and earthquake provide excellent Aoe damage and self heals as of level 18

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