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It's Blizzard's fault that more people start their own games?

Mass mind-control conspiracy, perhaps?

Fascinating, the lot of you.

Way to read too much into it. It's the players' fault that too many games exist, since they're the ones who make them, instead of joining existing games. But it's Blizzard's responsibility to provide a decent matchmaking system. So both parties are at fault, but for different reasons.
Yeah it is definitely bugged. We had a 3 man game of friends (with public turned on), and one friend left, he was instantly replaced by a public guy. Yet the entire hours before no one joined.
05/19/2012 02:39 PMPosted by Onetwo
Yeah it is definitely bugged. We had a 3 man game of friends (with public turned on), and one friend left, he was instantly replaced by a public guy. Yet the entire hours before no one joined.

The way I understand it, it depends on the quest you're on. In my personal experience, the quests where I've had three players thus far were the longer ones. And the way I think the system works, is that it will try to have all public games on a given quest have a second player before it starts filling them up more with a third, then a fourth, hence the occurence you described.
Seriously guys...take some effort to make friends or create/join a clan.
The matchmaking system seems to be working as intended. If there are no 3-player games available due to players all starting their own 1-person games, how is this possibly the fault of the system in any way?

If the system were to place a priority on larger games, then the smaller games would be less likely to fill, creating an entirely different problem, and causing people to stop making their own games.

No matter which way you look at this, it's not the system's fault.

I understand what you mean, but if the system is working as intended then it needs an overhaul. Blizzard probably never expected 80% (arbitrary number) of people who wanted to play public games to just make their own, and as such they need to adjust and make it so that less public games are made somehow. I suggested something to that effect earlier in this thread, where public game creation isn't handled by players in order to have less public games, but keep them full as much as possible.
I really hope that the grouping system will be examined and tweaked as it goes along.
What I have been doing is "collecting" players as I get dumped into groups- adding them at Bnet friends if I enjoy running with them.

Then I build my groups off of that list.
I agree that they should prioritize filling groups, but I'm not sure it's working as intended.

Especially since the last time I tried to join a public game was over an hour ago and it resulted in me being unable to login again.
The game does this due to matchmaking.

Let me guess -- your character is at the lower end of the acceptable level range for the public quest you are trying to join right? Gain a level or two and you will see constant 4 player games again...you are under leveled.

some weird levels you can sit on that screw with the rounding in the matchmaking nad it will stick you with one person. example 38 and a couple quests in act 2 NM....farm to 40 and you are golden.
If anything, I'm overleveled. Level 18 at the beginning of act 2.
f0cking fix this blizzard !
Every game Ive opened to to public has filled up with 10 minutes. Although the most annoying thing is when someone joins and sits in town afk.
It's such a huge oversight in the matchmaking system that it blows my mind that Blizzard didn't fix it in beta. The matchmaking system currently puts priority on adding at least one more person to every one-player game rather than filling up games. Since way too many players press 'Resume Game' and 'Open to the Public', there are far too many one-player games.

As a result, I've left and joined 10 games for Act 2 Quest 1 Nightmare just now, and been placed into 2-man groups every single time. Since the automated matchmaking system is my only method for getting into multiplayer games, I have no way to over-ride this and I'm stuck playing 2-man Diablo 3, with an occasional 3-man run.

This is really frustrating. I want to play with 4 people. How is this acceptable?

Get your friends to play. Add people from the forums and other gaming communities. I can't NOT play 4 person games because I always have someone hopping in.
I tend to agree.

The matchmaking should prioritize making 4 man games.
Bump - I was ok with reducing the max from 8 to 4, but virtually reducing it to 2 is simply unacceptable. If you don't have a group of buddies, you simply can't play a max game.

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