Deadly Reach Foresight buff

Is this not generating a buff icon for anyone else? It sucks that I can't track how long I have left on this...
I know with the Deadly Reach - Keen Eye Rune, there is no icon, but if you look at your Armor, it has gone up. There is also a subtle red swirl around the Monk.

Perhaps this is the case with Foresight. Open your inventory and check your damage to see if it's gone up. There might also be a subtle change to your character's appearance. I am not high enough level to test this, so good luck!

I've checked the damage number in the inventory details, and it doesn't appear to change when I spam Deadly Reach (meaning I'm quite confident I've gotten a 3'rd hit in).

I'm thinking it's bugged, and not working.
I've used this skill before. It works correctly. You can track the buff by checking your character as Elleron stated. Instead of a subtle red swirl it is a subtle green swirl. Its like a mini forcefield around your character.

Unfortunately there is no buff icon. You don't receive the bonus unless the third attack hits a monster.

You can confirm it is working by checking your damage before the buff is applied and seeing it go up afterwards. Its likely the poster before me had the buff up the whole time he was looking at the character screen as the buff does last for 30 seconds. That would give the illusion its not working without any changes to damage.

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