A present for those who keep dying

Demon Hunter
So...is the plan to keep smoke screen up as much as possible?
Ewww no single target damage at all.

Here's my present for people who keep dying: l2 kite and reflexes.

And why Acrobatics on Vault? If the plan is not to die I don't want to only be able to use it every 15 seconds... I think you have more than enough discipline regeneration in that build to be able to spare some for Vault...
Lol is this build to just run away from elites and not kill them? You will never kill a elite OR spend a hour to kill one elite in Hell mode.
lol @ brooding

This is what i use. Smoke Screen is broken... makes it soooo easy. Even in hell.
This build was simply what I used to level. I'm currently 58 in Act 3 Hell. It has almost 100% uptime on Smokescreen. Those who think it isn't enough is simply ignorant.

In response to why Acrobat with Vault: I can't afford to use any Discipline on anything other than Smokescreen. Besides, I never really have to use Vault at all.

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