Lvl 44 DH build, Ideas?

Demon Hunter!afe!baaZbZ

This is my current build, having issues with staying alive if I run out of discipline any suggestions? Also note that I have been running with a friend of mine who is about 4-6 lvls behind me, so that may also be the issue.
Run SS with the length enhancer... it gives you 3 seconds of complete immunity

Rapid fire is bad because you want to be kiting, so you want to be moving and you cant move and fire at the same time.

Multishot with Fire at Will or Elemental Arrow with Frost Arrow both work very well for your main AoE attack. I prefer frost arrow though as it makes it very easy to kite. If you do go with multishot i would switch bola to entangling shot with chain gain so you have a slow besides caltrops which is also really really good.

If you do want to use bola as well I would suggest using thunder ball or volatile explosion. Thunderball if you want it to be your boss killer otherwise volatile.

Though Hungering arrow with either Devouring arrow or Puncturing Arrow will do more single target DPS, thunderball is just used for a constant stun-lock type effect.

Here is the build I use at 42 currently:!cYe!YZaZba

Basically use frost arrow to clear packs, if you see packs of elites drop some caltrops, then frost arrow kite them while killing them, using ss if you get in danger (teleporters, jailers, wallers, etc) and then just spamming frost arrorw (or hungering arrow if only 2 or 1 left) for the 3 second immunity before resuming kiting.

Sentry Turret is the one that can be changed out for anything really.
how do you take vault and preperation?
Options -> game play -> elective mode on.

Your build is not good at all. >.<


primary and random 6th is your choice
Thanks Drathmar tired out your build, it's quite nice, ss is really nice, and back to ball lightning for aoe. Plus soloing the champs are much easier, so a lot of it too was having someone with me that was a lower lvl.

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