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Every time I login to Diablo 3 I need to enter my authenticator code. When I play WoW the game remembers my computer so I only need to enter the authenticator every few weeks. Is there a way to make Diablo remember my computer or is this working as intended? It is very annoying to have to authenticate every single time I play.

I'm having the same problem - under your account security options, toggle "Require an authenticator code every time you log in to the game."

Hopefully this will help.
Same for me It started happening after last patch... I also tried to untogel and retogle req authenticator and did not help.
I have the same issue, and my account security has "Require an authenticator code every time you log in to the game." off.

Something happened with last patch?
Hey all,

If you are still having this issue, try doing this.

1. When Finder is the active window, hold down the Option (Alt) key and select Library from the Go menu on the menu bar.
2. Navigate to the Preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences)
3. Delete the following preference files:
  • net.battle.Authenticator.prefs
  • net.battle.Identity.prefs
  • net.battle.plist

  • Now relaunch the game and enter in your information. When you exit the game, log in again and see if it prompts you to enter your information or not.
    Do I need to get an authenticator for mac or is it a PC/MAC authenticator?
    Authenticators aren't platform specific. Once you have one, it will help secure your account, no matter if you play on both Mac or Windows.
    Thanks alot!!

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