So when you hit Lv54/Hell Champs...

...did you give up on surviving? By that I mean did you give up trying to keep your Armor/Vit up and decide to maximize DPS and rely on skills (Especially Force Armor at Lv54) and planning to avoid death?

With Force Armor at Lv54, it makes its pointless to have Vit unless it is a significant amount that can allow you to take a good number of hits, but at that point you end up sacrificing a lot of DPS (which is a completely valid way of playing, I'm just too impatient and want to kill faster).

For me, when I hit Lv54 and slotted in Force Armor my change in gear led me to dropping my HP to 3k and jumping my DPS up to 10k (should be 12k next level from new gear). I still die a lot, but about as much as I was when I had 26k HP

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