A question about reporting exploiting.

Bug Report
I want to report an exploit that is currently being used by many bots( I saw a screenshot that sells srcipt that can be used for this exploit) and tons of players (sorry I also tried it somewhat and I'll take w/e I shall take), and I hope it could be fixed ASAP ( more than asap). Is the ticket option the fastest way or is there any faster way to reach whoever can fix it?

It has been out there for more than four days (even before Method used a similar exploit) and in Asian server people are even trading and grouping just for the sake of this exploit. Not sure about other regions though, but definitely someone is using it.
Thanks to this brave person, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149619695 .

I just dont wish to spread it even further....but please do something to fix this.

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