Act IV Hell and Act I Inferno

With all the chaos in the forums right now after the quickening fix, I'm finding it hard to find useful information on what builds out there actually work.

I just want to get my damn monk to be able to farm inferno act I successfully, so that I can use him to help gear up my new wizard. I don't care about inferno act II or anything later, I just care about getting Act I down so I can farm some loot.

My problem right now is I'm stuck in hell act IV without a build to use. I'm just wondering what kind of build I should be using to beat act IV and act I inferno, and what kind of gear goes with it. I've been trying to buy some gear and stacks resists, but the diminishing returns means that losing more dex to get resistance is not working for me right now.
I'd like to have some money to buy stuff for the wizard though.!ZXU!aabYcc has been working well for me Have been gemming Red in the weapon purple in the helm and green in everything else
Hey Seth

I just went home for lunch and hit 60 finnaly.

I never used the quicken skill and i was able to solo fine in Act 3 Hell. Have yet to see what Act 4 is like but so far Act 3 isn't to bad.!ZYc!bZcYbb

i have 23k HP and do around 8k damage.

I also tried the quickening just yesterday and today during lunch. It still works so no worries. I just wouldn't rely on it as a god mode because champ packs will still give you problems if you just stand there.

So play smart and safe. My quicken build:!ZYX!YZcYbb

STI instead of chant because the spirit bonus of 2 per sec is not needed. The extra defense helps a ton. Bumps me over 55% damage reduction with mobs @ 60.

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