Issues with Hell.

So i'm a Monk sitting at level 56 at Act 2 Hell.
Currently doing the Black Soulstone quest.

My Stats:

STR 121
DEX 852
INT 137
VIT 460

Armor 3349 (Usually gets buffed to around 5.5K with my skills, pet and Enchantress)
DPS 5025

27% Dodge
54% Reduction
81 to all resists.

My usual skill build:!YXU!ZcaZYc

And i'm getting my !@# kicked by most elites.
Had a Spider Fire Chains Molten Shield that simply killed me in less than 3 seconds. I had to kite it for a long time waiting for CDs and it took me almost 10 minutes to kill it with a lot of deaths.

I had a gear with much more VIT on but DPS was really low and it didnt work too.

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong or its expected for me to have to kite and run from a lot of champ / elites ?

PS: Was using a Quickening build and having no issues but it got nerfed :S!YdX!c.ZcbZ

I just started using this build, and I have been doing very well. It isn't a super fast damage build, but it hits hard and is very survivable. I have been using it in Hell Act II quite successfully.

I have about 5.4k dps, 20k HP, 2.3k armor and about 30 res and about 30-40 dodge.

The main idea of the build is to keep some distance, which is accomplished by using Hand of Ytar to slow so that I can get a few extra steps back with DR. Serenity and SSS are for safety and returning some dps.
I've tried something similar, ComplexPants. Just didnt had Kick on it.
I guess it might be an issue of gear too or i'm just playing it wrong.

I'm all solo btw.
1. Your Dodge is quick low. You should be around 45%
2. Your resist is very low. Pick on resist and stick with it. Stack it till you can not stack it anymore.

This is what I have been using for Solo and Groups.!YUX!aaYcbc

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