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hello all. Just purchased a laptop, its an asus g75vw.
Processor: intel core i7 2.3
video care: geforce gtx 660m 2gb
memory: 8gb ddr3 1600
hard drive: 1tb 7200
its full 1080x1920

I was under the impression given these components i should be able to run d3 on high or atleast mostly high settings. When i get in an play if i get into it with a larger pack of units it seems quite laggy, even dropping down to mid level settings its still not completely smooth. This doesnt seem right for this setup. Also if I didnt give enough info please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
Ensure that your PC's power profile (control panel -> power) is set to maximum / highest (same with nVidia control panel, for 3d settings), not balanced
thanks man i tried that. something is definitely not right i put everything on literally the lowest settings and it still isnt smooth.
Latest drivers for your graphics card?

It's possible that even with maximum profiles, your CPU / GPU may be not set to 100% performance when plugged in (in the detailed setup screen). Double check this (also accessed through control panel -> power).

did you change anything through nVidia control panel in terms of 3D settings, like forcing anti-aliasing?
i just updated to latest drivers that didnt help.

ill give that a shot.

i didnt mess with anything initially prior to playing, only thing ive messed with now is the power i set it to prefer maximum performance from adaptive.
those components sound correct to you as far running this game well? I tried to do my research and that seemed to be plenty powerful.
Yes, the system should be running D3 maxed out with good FPS.

Something is not right with it. Does it have optimus? I don't think 660M laptops come with it.
i dont believe so. upon further google searching i am finding out that people with the 660m series geforce are having compatability issues specifically with diablo 3 atm, so seems like some new drivers are going to have to be worked up to ever get it right. So that seems to be the problem at the moment :(
There are also beta drivers you can try from
i have the same issue here with my Aspire 5750G with
i7-2630m 2~2.9Ghz
4gb ram
latest driver

it lags quite bad ... but i can play skyrim and bf3 no problems with mid-low settings ... and i gamebooster also

sorry about my english ...

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